Saturday, September 9, 2017

Van The Man...Traveling Music


Just a very brief post (more to follow...of course).

I've always believed that we best "qualify" our self...beyond what anyone else can name us, label us and/or tag us (much more to follow on this).

Yet, this is one of the most empowering things we can do to "be" be be peace.

With this in mind, I've recently added another name ...."Traveler"....(and duhhhh....what took me so long since before the day I left H.S. travel has been my consistent dream, passion and desire).

Still not to stray from this quick post (because I need to grab a bite to stay in balance).

Perhaps you would have to be under a rock...a very heavy rock...way outside my circle...or just not give a damn to not know how much I love...the music of Van Morrison.

I really dig every spice of dimension...his of melancholic, mesmerizing and mystical music...(heck I traveled to Ireland just for a Van Morrison concert). 

At this point I could probably end this my discussion so far references both points of this title.

Yet, there is just a bit more "inside" for me...specifically, during a recent trip "abroad" (an interesting word)....I was given an "opportunity" to practice (my) engage "be peace" and upon reflection...I'm not so sure I was able to meet my (own) level of growth.

However, as I reflect on the "opportunity" I a certain amount of joy....knowing that if I had been able to plug into "No Guru, No Method"...or "Common One"...or "Days Like This" or "Enlightenment"...or  "Whenever God Shines Light on Me..." all music of Van The Man...I know I would have been able to "be peace" more effectively/affectively (for myself and all involved).

Decidedly...this is a form, path, method of meditation that for me....creates better balance.

Still, here I am back (from abroad) and able to plug into Van Morrison (as I do everyday)...and I'm okay with what did happen...abroad...what might happen today...and what may happen....realizing, remembering and reconnecting with Van The Man....Traveling Music and reminding myself to download, upload (or MP3 for us late techno bloomers) to practice, engage and be peace here and abroad travels.