Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Award Winning Health!

Congrats to Ms. Octavia Spencer for her Oscar 2012 Academy Award!

Actually I didn't watch The Oscars last night (I don't watch TV in general).

However, today one can't help getting the news (any news...good or bad) from somewhere - that being FB, Twitter, YouTube or direct connection to Internet. And indeed it is good to keep up with what's going on in the world (right?).  So not only did I get the news about her big Oscar 2012 win, there is big news about Ms. Spencer's big...well let's say there's big news about her.

It seems as a result and/or in conjunction with her Oscar win Octavia Spencer is quoted as saying "I figured going into my forties I want my boobs where they were when I was 17,” on the subject of her intent to have breast reduction.  And like all Internet "newsworthy" information, the gossip about Octavia Spencer's proposed breast reduction has spawned opinions, post, polls, FB discussion and blogs discussions (case and point). And of course, I'm inclined to think my blog discussion is a little different than those others. You see this intended breast reduction operation by Octavia Spencer, as well the ongoing (never-ending) Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers campaign and drastic drop in weight by Star Jones are related to the issue of balance and gives pause for thought about this idea of  instant (drastic) weight loss.

To be clear I'm not saying anyone should maintain an unhealthy weight...absolutely not! And yet, as I ponder the Internet discussions of weight loss, I come back to the matter of balance (of course I would) and I am reminded of last year's YouTube story about  73-year old body builder Ms. Ernestine Shepard who is in magnificent shape! I mean magnificent as in I-could-be-25-shape!

It puts one to shame to think that someone old enough to be your grandmother is in better shape than you - LOL - I can't figure out if I'm more embarrassed, depressed or inspired by her story. Nonetheless, Ms. Ernestine's story is amazing and we would do well to take a hint from her lead (and I have).

However, the thing about being inspired to "get in shape" (lose weight) - the desire may not always mean one is inspired to develop a healthy, balanced program to get in AND stay in shape. More simply put, like the old masters such as Jack Lalanne would advise, a healthy lifestyle is the best - balanced - way to address issues of weight gain/weight loss (further confirmed in a recent Oprah discussion regarding her recent weight gain compared to her dramatic (instant) weight loss in 1988 some 20 years ago).

And of course, someone might say I don't have the same issue of weight - as Octavia Spencer, Star Jones or Queen Latifah (who point to health issues for their breast reduction) or Jennifer Hudson before her dramatic weight loss.  But let me tell you when I was teenage girl if there had been something called breast reduction surgery - I would have begged my mother to check me in!  It was horrible (especially emotionally) being a teenager with such "weight" on me (and dirty old men made it no less horrible). So I do know - from personal experience (and emotional pain) about having a body which one wishes could be changed instantly!

But for grace, thankfully there was no such procedure - in my world - to make an instant body change (and even if there were my mother could not afford and would not have arranged this cosmetic operation - as many mothers are doing today).  Indeed, eventually as I matured - nature, spiritual practice and healthy dietary habits, my breast "issue" would cease to be an "issue" - literally and figuratively.  But I digress, my thought here is one regarding the adult option and/choice to make "instant" changes in one's body (please don't lump this with any discussion about life-threatening body/health concerns).

The fact is whether one is inspired to "drop the weight" by an Academy Award, A Grammy or an amazing granny (respectfully said), one must consider making choices to incorporate healthy and balanced lifestyle changes such as those comedian, actress and Talk Show Host Mo'Nique incorporated to achieve her dramatic weight loss and improved health

So perhaps you're asking "What does all this talk about Oscars, breast reduction and weight loss have to do with a blog where I'm supposed to 'write on love'?"   Or maybe not.  Maybe like many of us you are also realizing that the beginning of our best love, begins first with developing a healthy, loving, balanced relationship with ourselves.

Loving Thought:

Hallow the body as a temple to comeliness and sanctify the heart as a sacrifice to love; love recompenses the adorers.   Khalil Gibran

To be continued...