Saturday, February 25, 2012

In Search Of...

So have you tried any of those "people search" engines yet?

Is there someone you want to find?

Maybe your best friend from 3rd grade?
Or maybe the first guy/girl you ever kissed?
What about your favorite college professor - the one who inspired you to "be" who you are today?
Or the first boss who hired you for your first job?
Maybe a long lost relative?
Or maybe "the one" that got away?

Or perhaps you want to find out if someone is out there looking for you?

Well I wanted to and recently I tired it.

There is someone I'd like to find (well there a few some ones). However, this person is particular to my life - always has been and probably always will be.

So I paid my money - filled out the questions - tried to narrow my search for the person - and then put out the "search net" - let the world wide web - do its job - and it did - at least I guess it did.
Strange experience (and I do mean "strange") because I haven't been able to quite understand how I feel about my results.
The fact is I received no reply on my search.  And I realize that could mean many unrelated things - and also mean a few specific things: a) my search information was not good/accurate enough, b) the person is no longer living, c) the person has no files on the web (which is nearly impossible these days), d) name change, and last but not least, e) the person does not want to be "searched" - more to the point "found" by me (or perhaps anyone).

And that's why I say this "search and find" web thing has been a strange experience because its left me searching my brain for an answer why the search didn't search and find successfully? As it stands now I'm no closer to the person and perhaps a little farther.  And to tell the truth, as I look at it from a holistic perspective - that is consider how all the parts of the issue affect the whole - rather than looking at the one part we want to see - I don't know if the answers to any of my suppositions about what might have prevented my search from being a "find" make a difference one way or another.  Because I asked myself..."What did I hope to gain by searching...and possibly finding this person?" And the answer is..."I'm not sure" - or maybe  - if I'm real honest - I am sure - and that's what makes it a strange experience...searching for that which is not lost.

To be continued...