Friday, February 24, 2012

That Perfect Date

A friend of mine has really been enjoying her online dating experience.

Interestingly, she's a person I would have never figured for online dating, but she's enjoying the experience and I'm having a lot of LOL moments listening to experiences.

Her stories of the meeting (and not meeting) dates are so funny, real, and so dog-gone human...its hilarious!

In fact, I had tried online dating myself some years ago - when it wasn't so popular, so common, so "everybody is doing it" and nobody thinks the worse.

At the time Facebook just a hint, Goggle we didn't yet get and Twitter was...well not even on the map (how fast technology does progress!).   When I tried online dating it was a big deal and no one talked of it (especially if you were doing it).   Indeed, the very mention of "online dating" was an indication that you were "less than" or "nobody wanted you" or worse..."you had issues" (as if we don't all have issues!).

Now that everyone has joined in on "the secret" I feel like I've "been there...done that" and that in some way I'm ahead of "the game" which is probably why I can laugh at my friend's exploits. Nonetheless, "that perfect date" nor "that perfect partner" (as if anything is "perfect") ever evolved.  However, my experience(s) provided an inside perspective about online dating (as the the best teacher is experience).  Moreover, not only did my online dating experience(s) provide precious jewels of information, insights and something fun to do - those awkward and sometimes scary engagements helped me grow spiritually.  That is to say, I learned a lot about love, being loved and loving kindness.

So I guess this is what prompted my friend to suggest it would be good idea if I "write on love" in an online column (that would be a Blog in techno-term). She made the suggestion because she thought the insights I provided to enhance her dating experience(s) were terrific. "Really great insights!" she said (even before I shared that I had tried online dating a while back). I laughed off her suggestion (after all I don't have a degree in psychology or relationship therapy or couples counseling...what if I said something wrong?)
And then I thought (after reading so many other Blogs about love) - there's hundreds, thousands of people who have online blogs and websites without official certification in the topic they discuss - why not me?   I guesstimate less than half the people with blogs have any professional credentials related to blogs they may be dolling out advice, suggestions and/or information about. So I said to myself (after a good pep talk) - why not me? Right? My insights, perspective and helpful information are just as good - and perhaps better than what some of those folks are dolling out in online columns (at that very least interesting reading).

It was then it occurred that I might be asking myself the wrong question. Instead of asking "How could I "write on love" online, perhaps the better question to ask myself was - "Can I 'write on love' from a personal and positive perspective?"   You see this is an important distinction because as an Essayist, what I write is personal and spiritually grounded.   So yes! I certainly can "write on love" to share positive insights based on personal experiences - and equally important - "Write on Love" will be a platform to contribute to and promote peace, which is my purpose and passion.    Because as I see it, the more positive personal perspectives we can write on love - the more energy we contribute to kindness,  love and peace!  And thus I believe, nay...I know "Write on Love" is a good idea.

Now...what positive insight 
to close?

How about...

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.   Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be continued...