Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Affair to Remember

When a movie leaves me thinking; stays with me for days, weeks, months even years later, its usually because I'm wondering if it was real - you know based on real life experiences.  Sometimes this is clear, like when a movie  is based on a historical event such as Watergate or with media release to promote a movie like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which is loosely based on a real life experience of Stieg Larsson, author of the book.

By now you must know how much I love movies.  And there are those times when a movie like An Affair to Remember, is so moving, its almost impossible to discern if it is based on real-life.  A romantic drama, An Affair to Remember, released in 1957 is ranked # 5 on the AFI list of America's greatest love stories, and is based on the original 1939 film Love Affair.  So stirring, An Affair to Remember has since inspired several remakes, including Sleepless in Seattle and a Bollywood version.

The powerful storyline, as you may have guessed is based on an affair between a man and a woman, each involved with other people.  To be brief, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on a cruise and are immediately and hopelessly attracted to each other.  However, they both have other obligations -  they have committed partners back at home.  Neither wants to hurt those partners, but find after meeting each other they can't stay  with those partners  back home,  and won't be able to live without each other.  They agree to go home and wrap up (end) the other relationships, and then meet each other in six months at the Empire State Building to begin their lives together.  But guess what...when the six month rendezvous date of them doesn't show up, leaving the other feeling confused, angry and hurt.  And thus it simply becomes "an affair to remember" and nothing more, except there is more - and this is what makes this movie so powerful, so stirring and for me, so unable to shake years later.  Not to mention my own "an affair to remember" experience that has stayed with me.

I don't want to spoil the plot (for those of you who are now so inspired to run out and rent An Affair to Remember) but let me say this, if you ever meet someone you really dig and you want to get together again, I mean really want to get together again:  1) make sure you have good contact information, 2) keep the date and if you can't - let the person know and 3) if perhaps, by chance, should some unforeseen circumstance make it so that you can't meet and you can let the person know that...try not to go away with anger in your heart.  Yes, you will certainly be confused and hurt, but sometimes 'life just happens' and there can be any number of  explanations for the no show that have absolutely nothing to do with not wanting to be with you.  So, if for nothing else but for the sake of healing your heart,  keep the experience as "an affair to remember" on your journey of love.

To be continued...