Friday, March 23, 2012

Cost of Cupid at the Office

Chances are you've heard of one or been the one in an office affair.  Office romances are sometimes against company policy; can be messy and are often costly - for the couple and the company. Nonetheless, a recent survey indicated approximately 40% of all employees have engaged in an office romance.  This percentage indicates significant number of employees either disregard or simply don't care about such a policy.  However, these are tough times it to get and keep a job so you might want to think on these things if you are the one having or thinking about having an office romance.

1.  Keep yourself from doing it.  Avoid the office romance at all cost.  Yes, it can be hard to do so because employees (team members) are being required to work more and longer hours together.  In turn this provides employees an easy platform to start a relationship.  Yet, if the office romance is discovered or goes sour it can have major repercussions you both, including losing your job.

2.  Keep it to yourself.  If you must do an office romance, be discreet.  Especially no love-dovey emails on the company computer, don't slip into your lover's hotel room during a business conference, don't even start bringing your lover a blueberry muffin every morning.  Just don't advertise the relationship because no good will come of going against a company policy knowingly or unknowingly.

3.  Keep it professional.  Absolutely no kissing, holding, touching, petting or any form of outward affection while you are at the office.

4.  Keep it honest. No favorites.  A most unfavorable office romance, the affair between a supervisor and a "subordinate" is greatly discouraged.  For obvious reasons of favoritism, you definitely want to make sure an office romance does not get you the best assignments, promotions or any other perks associated with the object of your affection.

5.  Keep your job.  Yes, many people meet their husband, wife or life partner at the office.  However, for the office romance that don't end with finding the love of your life, the broken relationship can create so many problems that one or both people will lose their job.  Likewise, if you do meet the love of your life at work, one or both people risk unwanted transfer, job reassignment or losing their job because most HR policy forbid married people (sometimes dating people) from working in the same office (or perhaps the same company).

So when it comes to making a choice between finding love at work or keeping the work you love, you gotta ask yourself, "How much is this romance going to cost me?"

To be continued...


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