Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do You Ask Him?

It's surprising how a question like this still pops up these days, "Should I ask him out?" 

Surprising when you consider women's lib and equal rights have been part of the (American) culture for decades now; consider women have been working outside the home for decades now (and still primary care givers at home); consider women are some of the top executives in the country; consider women have gone to the moon; consider women have run for President and consider a woman is the current head of Secretary of State - one of the most powerful position in the world of politics.

And once you have considered these and so many other amazing, record breaking and important things women have done and are doing, one can only conclude, "Yes, it's okay for the woman to ask him out!"

However, as has always been the case with equal rights, you must be equally ready to deal with the outcome of your action - which in this case could mean he says "yes" or "no" when you do ask him.

But if you really do dig him, really want the opportunity to spend some time with him, really feel he is worth it, then do ask him?

On another note I've enjoyed blogging Write On Love, inspired by my recently published book, Love...Walk Near My Grave which is about the many dimensions of love, being loved and loving.  However, as with this question, I'm finding many issues are age old concerns and overlap, which can eventually lead to repetitive or redundant answers.  And I am not only committed to providing enlightening discussions, but want blog entries to be fresh and innovative.  Given this I've decided to re-assess and re-evaluate the content, purpose and intent of the blog.

I will continue to write and post blogs entries even as I refine, hone and enhance the purposefulness of Write On Love.

Please keep reading.

To be continued


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