Sunday, March 18, 2012

Male Order Bride

It was disgusting, the way he groped her, grabbing and squeezing her butt like that,  after all they were in public. It was also very uncomfortable seeing the way he tugged at her neck.   He was a big man standing behind her and at one point he took his large hand, placed it around her chin and twisted her face so that she could be made to kiss him.   I felt her pain - or at least I thought I did.

He was in control - this was obvious.

She did as he told her to do - this was obvious.

I wasn't watching this couple. I was seeing them because they stood on line in front of me.

And as I stood there waiting for the line to move, I wondered if there was anyway this could be a "real couple" and was this "real love" because the way I saw it, he was treating her like property.

The line crept along slowly and I began to form an opinion. This was not a "real couple" because of the way he looked and the way she looked, it was clear she was "mail order" from a catalog and therefore this could not be "real love" I reasoned as the line moved a few feet closer to the cashier.  But after they paid and were on their way, I snapped out of my "I'm-bored-waiting-on-line" thoughts.  What did I know about these people anyway?

I didn't know if they lived in the states, met and fell in love?  I didn't know if he had actually contacted her from a dating catalog or online interracial dating site?  And I certainly didn't know what constituted "real love" for the two of them.

I admit, based on the dynamics that played out on line, its still hard to imagine that it wasn't a "male order" companionship agreement.  Nonetheless, let's say she's not from the U.S. and he did contact her through a catalog service and they did meet and decide the connection between them is "real love" and worth becoming a "real couple" to create a life together; that would be all the "real love" that mattered - even for a "male order" relationship.

To be continued...


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