Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ole Fashion Love

I cried; and I'm not one easy to tears.  But I did cry during and especially at the end of the movie The Notebook starring Gena Rowlands and James Garner.

Initially, I had no intent to see the movie people were raving was so special.  In fact it was 7 years after the release of the movie before I decided to take a look (this was only because all the good movies had been taken).

When the movie opens, I'm already thinking this is the "same ole soapy love story" and ya da ya da ya da.  But within minutes, I realized The Notebook was not going to be that "same ole soapy love story" because the main characters are not buxom, no longer brazen, nor beautiful 20 something actors.  The main characters are tried and true older actors, well-known and recognized for their long and successful careers, and it was element that made The Notebook worth raving about and crying through.

Seemingly surreal for Hollywood, as well as to the general public, is the idea that aged people, "old" people were once young and in love; remember, know and still experience being in love.  Why we as a society don't know or don't want to know love exist not only for the young, is silly because, if things work out - we all get old(er).

Without giving too much away about the movie, I will say that it is a very lovely, loving, love story about ole fashion love and paints a picture of hope that says, "You're never too old for ole fashion love."



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