Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Perfect Match

So this time you decided to do things a little differently.  Since your past best efforts have not found you that perfect match, you decided to take it to a higher level.  You've prayed and your prayers have been answered.  He's everything you ever wanted in a man; a perfect match.  Well except for one thing - he's too short or maybe he going bald or maybe you don't like that big mole right on tip of his nose.  So now you're asking your best girlfriend, tossing and turning it over in your head and possibly even searching the Internet for an answer.

"What happens when it's the perfect match except for 'that one little thing'?"  And it's something you will need to live with if you decide to make it permanent with the perfect match.

I've been there. 

And the first thing you need to consider is not to settle for a mate you don't/can't really be comfortable with.  Because you will not only hurt yourself, you will needlessly hurt the other person if you can't accept whatever "that one little thing" is that's not so perfect to you..

Next it's important to weigh all the wonderful stuff about this person that might stack up against "that one little thing" you don't like.  I'm mean things like is he kind, considerate, loving, honest and passionate enough for you?  Can you put into perspective all the great things about this perfect match that makes that other thing small?  Or maybe he's such a perfect match that you can't accept your blessing and you're using "that one little thing" as an excuse?  Do give yourself some time and distance to consider if "that one little thing" is big enough to spoil the perfect match. 

And among the top three things you might consider when making a big deal out of "that one little thing" is the fact that through Divine Love you prayed your perfect match into existence.  Yes, if you've prayed in earnest you must know deep in the core of your heart that the perfect match is the answer to your prayers.  And if this is the case, you can have faith that you will be able to live with "that one little thing" if you decide to make the perfect match a permanent match. 

Now what you need to do is keep praying and in accordance with Divine Love you will come to see "that one little thing" is one less thing between you and your perfect match.

To be continued...

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