Friday, March 16, 2012

Prisoner to Love

People are just amazing!

I watched a news/mystery show that focused on a woman who said she would wait and work to free her "wrongly" convicted husband for as long as it takes. And I thought, people are amazing (actually I thought crazy, but realize that's a bit judgmental). The woman's unwavering support of her husband who was sentenced to prison for 15 years to life for cold-blooded murder, amazed me! The story got me to thinking about how amazing it is - as in unbelievable - so many women commit to be a "prisoner of love" when they choose to marry a man committed to prison.

"Could you support a friend who wanted to marry a convicted prisoner?"
Although this well-to-do couple had been married some years before the prison sentence, I wondered in amazement of this woman's devotion which is similar to those women who disregard family, friends, clergy and good sense to marry a convicted rapist, murder, child molester in prison who may never see the light of day again outside those prison walls.  It begs the question, "What would possess a woman to marry a man in prison?"

According to websites for/about/in support of prison marriages there are several standard reasons (desperation, citizenship, attention, etc.)  Yet, unlike most of my blogs, I provide no link to these sites because my intent is not to present a discussion, but to clearly state my opinion without any hint of  doubt.

"No, I would not support a friend who wanted to marry a prisoner." 

Short and to the point, "prison is not supposed to be pleasurable" as rights and privileges are revoked once you are convicted and sentenced to prison.  I am not advocating inhumane treatment, brutality or denial of basic human rights - even to prisoners. However, to support a friend who wants to become a "prisoner of love" is not loving on my part.

I know love is powerful.  Love can heal.  Love can change people's heart.

I also know that love, true love does not lead us astray, does not put you in harm's way, is not desperate and certainly true love would not make you a prisoner in any way.

To be continued...


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