Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Text the Love

Keep the voice, I like "text mex" which is what I call text messaging.

But then I've always been more a writer than talker. But before text messaging, I wrote letters and lots of love letters. And I received lots of love letters, which I still have and hold dear. In fact, it was those letters that kindled the relationship with the love of my life.

I remember the day we met so many years ago. I was reluctant to even show up for the date, because, well I wasn't sure he was "my type" - and he wasn't. But it didn't take long for that to change, not long at all. However, as life would have it, no sooner did we fall deeply and madly in love, we were separated. His mother lived all the way cross the country in California, beautiful San Diego and she needed him. And he needed to go to her as their relationship needed mending and this - as grace would have it - was an opportunity to create balance for mother and son.

So the love of my life had to leave; but he didn't want to leave me, I didn't want him to leave, and neither of us wanted to leave the relationship. Instead we promised we would stay in touch until we could be back together. And we did, he did.

He wrote me love letters; beautiful, long and passionate, caring and intimate, love letters. And although, I was the writer, he was the master of words when it came to love letters. And love me he did.

So intimate, so expressive, so sincere, his love letters kept me; kept me from listening to all those silly thoughts that sometimes seeped into my head. His love letters kept me, kept me from wondering if he really loved me as he said he did. His love letters kept me; kept me knowing that we were supposed to be together, he would return and we would be together. His love letters kept me; kept our love.

In this walk down memory lane I was thinking about how today's "text mex" might compare to those love letters that seeded, nurtured and bloomed our relationship.

Can you "text the love" and bloom a relationship as you can when you "write the love" in a letter?

Absolutely not!
Love letters is something technology can not replace.

Sure, go ahead do online dating and get matched to meet him. Let your friend "friend you" to her. Or even get linked through a network site. I get with technology on meeting someone through either of those connections. However, don't kid yourself into thinking you can develop intimacy with 140 characters; you can't - and without intimacy, how loving can a relationship be?

Love letters, unlike "text mex" go inside, dig deep and come passionately.

Try it for yourself.  Take the forefinger and the thumb off that tiny touch pad. Get a pen and a lined paper pad and "write the love" in a letter. Seal it, send it and see the difference. One page, two pages, three pages - doesn't really matter, but the fact that you "write the love" in a letter will.


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